Onsen / Unkai

Open-Air Bath

Blissful moments floating above the clouds.
Shibatouge Onsen is second to none, blessed by a wealth of high quality water gushing from the hot springs.
Relax your body and soul in our panoramic open-air bath, Unkai-no-Yu,
with its intoxicating sensation of floating above the clouds.

Indoor Baths

We have indoor baths, reclining baths, and saunas for both men and women.
Enjoy a relaxing time.

Hours: 6:00 - 8:00, 10:00 - 23:00

Private Open-Air Baths:
Asagiri and Yugiri

Our private yet spacious open-air baths can be used, undisturbed, by just your family or with a group of friends.

Private open-air baths (reservations required)

Hours11:00 - 21:45

Fee2,100 yen (45 minute block)

Day Visitor Bathing

We welcome day-use visitors to use our baths.
Soak away the exhaustion of the daily grind.
After your bath, relax and unwind in our spacious Japanese-style room, Miharashi.

Day Visitor Dining

After your bath, enjoy a relaxing time on tatami mats in our Japanese-style Miharashi restaurant.
We offer filling donburi, set meals, curries, ramen, and an a la carte menu.

Day Use Plans

We offer a range of plans that combine bathing and dining.
These include our women-only Western-style meal course, as well as plans that allow our guests to enjoy seasonal dishes.

Day Visitor Facilities

Day visitors are welcome to enjoy karaoke or relax in private rooms after their bath.Enjoy a relaxing time in our hot springs.

Private rooms (reservations required)

Hours11:00 - 15:00

FeeWeekdays: 4,400 yen /
Weekends and public holidays: 5,600 yen