Saiun Restaurant

Pair your meals with delicious Japanese sake.

At Saiun, the restaurant for the exclusive use of our overnight guests, we have a wine cellar and a sake cellar, and carry a wide range of sake brands from local breweries to enhance your meal.

Banqueting Hall

Haku’un-no-Ma Large Banqueting Hall

An expansive hall, 126 tatami mats (230 m2) in area, provides an ideal dining venue for large parties, celebrations, Buddhist rites, and other ceremonies.
It has a central stage, and lately has become a popular venue for school reunions, when all those old familiar faces are reunited. The hall can be divided into three smaller rooms as needed, and caters to a wide range of uses, such as meetings and banquets.

Mine-no-Ma Medium Banqueting Hall

Ideal for banquets with smaller numbers of guests.
We can also provide tables and chairs.

Miharashi Restaurant

At our Miharashi Restaurant, day-use visitors can relax on tatami mats, enjoying a quiet time after their bath.
We offer filling donburi, set meals, curries, ramen, and an a la carte menu.


SummerWeekdays: 10:00-18:00
Weekends and public holidays: 10:00-20:00

Winter10:00 - 17:00

Karaoke (reservations required)

Perfect for an after-party, or before or after a hot spring experience or meal.
Relax with family, friends, or other guests, in a space that’s all yours.


Karaoke Room Tsuki (large room)
1 hour: 1,600 yen (2,100 yen on weekends and public holidays)

Karaoke Rooms Kumo and Yama
1 hour: 1,100 yen (1,600 yen on weekends and public holidays)

Public Spaces


Here, arriving guests are welcomed by a panoramic view of the famous Three Echigo Mountains from the huge windows.


Carries a wide range of souvenirs.
All our original Unkai souvenirs are made using purely Japanese materials and ingredients.
We also sell snacks, ice cream, and so on.

Rest Space

We offer a space for our guests to elax and feel at ease.

Hands-on Dojo

A hands-on facility with all the equipment you need.

We offer fully-equipped hands-on facilities.
The Matsudai Furusato Dojo on the second floor has tables equipped with everything you need to make soba noodles.
The Nature Experience Workshop on the first floor can be equipped with tables and chairs as needed for a variety of experiences.

Matsudai Furusato Dojo

Tables for making soba9

Six-person tables6

Nature Experience Workshop

Projector screen

Outdoor facilities

Right outside, the miniature golf course, cottages, and beech forest walking path are extremely popular with visitors who enjoy the chance to enjoy nature to the full.

*The outdoor facilities are closed over winter due to snow.

Miniature golf (11 holes)

Miniature golf is a simple game that can be enjoyed by both parents and children.
Why not try your hand at a round while you’re here?

Ground golf (8 holes)

Enjoy a round of ground golf while admiring the majestic sacred peak of Kurohime, the Black Princess.
Merely walking along admiring the flowers in season will refresh your body and soul.

Cottages (rental)

Perfect for staying as a family or group.
Like your own private retreat, nestled in the grandeur of nature and the crisp, clear air.
*We only have two cottages, so please reserve in plenty of time.